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Our team here at Brain Forest Centers has proudly been a part of the success story for many individuals who have suffered from a brain injury in Fishers, IN. So, when the opportunity comes to promote a month dedicated to raising awareness for those living with brain injuries, we just can’t wait to jump on board!

March is National Brain Injury Awareness Month

With that said – happy National Brain Injury Awareness Month! Every year the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) proudly leads Americans throughout Brain Injury Awareness Month. The theme for this year is #ChangeYourMind. And its goal is to:

  • Help de-stigmatize brain injury in the community,
  • Share the stories of those who are living with brain injuries, and those that care for them,
  • And spread awareness of the ways people living with brain injuries can receive support.

To honor Brain Injury Awareness Month at Brain Forest, we will be discussing what a brain injury is and the different resources available to those already living with a traumatic brain injury, brain damage, or concussions.

What is a brain injury?

A brain injury is any occurrence that causes damage to your brain. The scope of what qualifies as a brain injury is fairly large. Brain injury can be anything from a mild concussion to traumatic brain injury, also known as craniocerebral trauma.

Not all brain injury results in TBI. In fact, some low-grade concussions may heal just fine on their own. Regardless, if you believe you may have any level of brain injury you should see your doctor immediately.

What are the signs of brain injury?

Some common signs of a concussion or brain injury include:

  • Inability to recall the injury or the 24 hours leading up to or after the event
  • Disorientation
  • Trouble remembering newly learned information
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Trouble speaking
  • Abrupt changes to your emotions or sleep

Can you recover from a traumatic brain injury?

Unfortunately, there really is no definitive answer to this. Full recovery from traumatic brain injury is dependent on the severity of the TBI, and the symptoms you are having and is often very rare. Usually, individuals who suffer from moderate to severe TBI will have long-lasting or even permanent effects. These symptoms often will result in challenges that require the individual to make lifestyle changes.

The most common of these changes revolve around cognitive tasks and slow down everyday instances like remembering to finish a chore, walking, communicating through speech, or making a decision off of a menu. For some, life will not be functional without a caregiver.

How do you treat brain damage naturally?

Although living with a brain injury can be incredibly difficult, there are ways to help rehab and recover from brain damage or concussions naturally. In fact, we offer natural treatments here at Brain Forest! We use neurofeedback to help retrain the areas of the brain that were negatively affected. Then we couple that with nutrition and personalized supplementation to help provide your brain with the vitamins and minerals it needs to heal and perform optimally.

Some other natural ways to help heal your brain include:

  • Eating good brain food
  • Getting plenty of good sleep and rest
  • Avoid inflammatory items like alcohol, drugs, sugar, and caffeine
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Avoiding activities that require a lot of concentration or physical movement

The Brain and Your Gut

Brain injuries don’t just affect your brain. They affect a lot of other organs as well, especially those in your gut. TBI can disrupt the healthy bacteria, allowing the bad bacteria to cross into your bloodstream and then into your brain. This can cause even more inflammation and damage to the body. Knowing this, it’s important to not just treat brain injuries, but to pay attention to the gut health as well.

Helping Your Brain Heal

Even if you aren’t currently dealing with a brain injury, it is still important to be aware of those who are – which is why Brain Injury Awareness Month is so important. The 2.5 million Americans suffering from TBI, and 795,000 individuals dealing with an acquired brain injury (ABI) need your voice to help bring awareness to this misunderstood and under-funded neurological disease.

Are you or someone you love suffering from the symptoms of a brain injury? You don’t have to suffer alone. Brain Forest Centers can help! Call our Fishers, IN office at (317) 288-9828 to schedule your FREE consultation.