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BrainTuning System

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Our BrainTuning System is designed to be the easiest to use, yet most comprehensive and cutting-edge neurofeedback system on the market today. The complete system comes with everything you need to offer neurofeedback to your patients.

Bmaster machine from Brain Forest

BrainTuner Controller

The BrainTuner is the next generation of EEG biofeedback. It incorporates 24 channels of EEG Biofeedback using technology based upon the continued evolution of biofeedback monitors and trainers.

The BrainTuner features 24 channels of EEG Biofeedback recording including 22 channels connected to a standard saline cap plus 2 channels of differential inputs with separate references. It offers 256 samples per second on all channels, with 24-bit resolution. The unit is entirely powered by the USB interface, eliminating the need for batteries.

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BrainAvatar Software

BrainAvatar is the next generation of EEG and neurofeedback software. It combines all existing BrainForest capabilities with new features incorporating quantitative EEG (QEEG), peripheral modalities, and integrating assessment with training in a seamless system. View raw or filtered waveforms, control panels, feedback screens, or reports at any time. 2D and 3D displays improve clarity and quality of displays. BrainAvatar™ Training software provides up to 24 channels of signal processing and training and combines conventional training using power and connectivity measures with Z-Score training.

BrainForest sLoreta Summary

qEEG Pro Surface Software Module

The QEEG (quantitative electroencephalography) is a form of analysis of the EEG, in which it represents the measured EEG metrics such as frequency, amplitude and connectivity graphically in brain maps. This module allows for qEEG reporting and analysis of Brain Map data along with surface training

Z Scored FFT Summary from Brain Scan

Z-Score Pro Software Module

Z-Score allows clinicians to train clients by comparing their live EEG data with an FDA approved database of adults and children and calculates metrics such as power, asymmetry, ratio, phase and coherence amid 8 discreet bandwidths. Z-score training can calculate over 200 computations at once, benefiting the neurofeedback client with some of the most sophisticated and current treatment for mental disorders.

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IFEN Training Protocol
(Brainforest Exclusive)

Traditional methods of training require the technician to modify each therapy session to target one or more areas of the brain for therapy. The IFEN protocol combines two of the most powerful and effective training methods available, sLORETA and Z-Score, to train all 6,300 areas (voxels) of the brain at the same time. It dynamically reads and targets the most deviant areas first and automatically adjusts during the therapy session to continually target the most deviant areas to improve overall brain performance.

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qEEG Reports with Traumatic Brain Injury Analysis*

qEEG-Pro is the cutting edge of qEEG developments, providing advanced sLORETA source reconstruction analysis and other innovative, highly useful metrics such as Extreme Z-score Development, Fluctuation Time and Percentage Deviant Activity.


Saline Cap
(Brainforest Exclusive)

The Saline Cap is a new EEG cap that uses water (saline) as the conductive fluid as opposed to traditional gel or paste. The electrodes are mounted into a holder together with a special sponge-like material, which slowly releases moisture to the scalp. This leads to excellent impedances in a short time without scratching and painful procedures. The electrodes have an optimal fit and can easily be repositioned to fit each client’s head. The Saline Cap comes in three sizes, Yellow (child), Red (average adult), Green (large adult). All packages will have a red cap by default.

Mobile Workstation &

Dell Precision 5530 Mobile Workstation with an I7 processor, 8 GB RAM, Nvidia Quadro P1000 w/4GB video card, 6” screen, 500GB hard drive, 1yr Hardware Service with Onsite Service after Remote Diagnosis.

Symphonized Wraith 2.0 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones that are handcrafted from all-natural genuine wood. Made of sturdy aluminum construction with an adjustable padded headband and padded ear cups.

*Note: BrainForest reserves the right to replace the hardware with similar models at its discretion.


Training is sequential and broken out into modules for easy access and greater retention; plus, the ability to revisit and review all training material at any time.  Tests are conducted at the end of each module and a certificate will be provided upon successful completion.  Training consists of three modules: IFEN Therapy, Conducting Brain Maps, and Reading Brain Maps.

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Child doing neurofeedback at Brain Forest Centers

What We Provide

As a well-respected and world-renowned center, BrainForest Centers has proven that neurofeedback therapy works. We currently work with clients from around the world and hold patents with Motorsports on concussion protocols. If our systems are good enough for the experts, then you know your patients will love them.

We provide everything you need to get started and treat your patients. This includes all of the FDA-approved hardware and software, doctor and staff training tools, and print and social media marketing kits for both the BrainTuning System and the GutTuning System.

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Why Choose Brain Forest Systems for Your Practice?

We provide state of the art equipment and exclusive protocols that are backed by experts in the field of QEEG brain mapping and EEG Neurofeedback as well as nutraceuticals. By becoming an affiliate office with BrainForest Systems, you will have all the pieces in your system to truly set your practice apart. We’ll provide you with all marketing tools to succeed, so you’ll know exactly what works and what doesn’t in this landscape.

We have spent years perfecting the system, protocols, and marketing to get you off the ground running. The BrainForest System is truly a turn-key system, and your success is important to us, as it gives both of us the tools and recognition to impact our communities and those who suffer on a national level. Our neurofeedback solutions have been successfully treating patients with varying degrees of mental difficulties and we know they’ll work for your patients as well.

What’s Included in Your Monthly Membership

BrainForest Systems will provide you with everything you need each month to grow your practice by treating patients with our neurofeedback system. Your monthly membership will give you access to the same technology we use on our own patients, including:

Give BrainForest Systems a Try!

The BrainForest Systems are designed to be the easiest, yet most comprehensive and cutting-edge neurofeedback and nutraceutical programs on the market.

We help our clients every step of the way so you can begin treating your patients right away. We know you have superheroes that struggle, but now you can help them regain their confidence with new cognitive and gut functions!