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Chronic stress is becoming a national health crisis. The two most widespread stressors? Money and work – two things we can’t have without the other. But the more we stress, the more our performance suffers at work, and the less we can handle stressors. It’s a vicious cycle! Thankfully, your performance at work isn’t concrete.

In this blog, we will cover 12 tips that can help you achieve peak performance, manage your stress, and avoid burnout.

  1. Get to know yourself

You are your biggest advocate. Understand what tasks bring you joy and what tasks drain you. Do you work better in the morning or in the evening? Schedule your work days around what YOU need as much as you can. Alternating tasks you enjoy with tasks you don’t can help you achieve a lot more through the day!

  1. Give yourself breaks

No one can go at 100% all day. Although it may feel counterproductive to your productivity, taking breaks will help improve your focus, limit distractions, and eliminate burnout before your day is done.

  1. Set solid boundaries (and enforce them)

Learn how to create a separation between work hours and personal hours. Your work may make you feel like answering that email outside of work is really important, but it’s not. Let your work stay at work unless absolutely necessary. Chances are, you’ve trained your team members that it’s okay to contact you outside of work when it’s not an emergency. Set good boundaries and train them not to. It’ll help your mental health!

  1. Prioritize work/life balance

We are raised believing that we live in order to work. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth! We work so that we can live. If you aren’t living outside of work, what’s the point? Fill your free time with activities that bring you joy. If you’re happy with your life outside of work, it feels so bad going into work and less stress about work leads to peak performance.

  1. Make connections

Feeling lonely can do a lot of bad to your mental health. You spend a great deal of time with your coworkers. Put in the effort to connect with them. It will help you create a sense of cohesiveness and give you a space to express your feelings.

  1. Work in flow

We’ve all experienced it. When you’re working in flow, time disappears leaving just you and your task. You become so hyper-focused on what you’re doing that your mind thinks of nothing else until it’s complete. Learning to work from this place is vital for peak performance and efficiency.

  1. Love what you do

We know this isn’t always realistic. Sometimes quitting the job you hate just isn’t an option right now. Even if you can’t change your job, you can change your attitude about it. Even if it feels like you’re stuck there, remember that you are choosing to stay. Reframing it that way gives you back the control.

  1. Spend time in meditation

Part of learning good concentration is learning to be present. When you’re present, your mind is completely focused on the task at hand. This allows you the space to focus on what you’re doing and get it done in significantly less time. The best way to learn how to be present is meditation. Even just taking five deep breaths before starting a task can help re-center you into the present moment.

  1. Set short-term goals

This could mean for the week, or it could be just for the day. Setting small goals and accomplishing them is a great way to boost your confidence and stay ahead of your task list. We all know how hard it is to catch up once you start getting behind. Talk about stressed!

  1. Eat good brain food

What you put into your body has an effect on your mood, health, and performance. To make the most out of your brain power, you have to provide it good fuel. Try adding fish, blueberries, avocados, eggs, broccoli, and walnuts to your diet.

  1. Get up early

Thinking about getting up early probably just adds to your stress. But research shows that those who get up earlier, perform better. It’s a great way to squeeze more hours into the day for working towards your goals. Or you could use it as quiet time. Regardless, having an extra hour or two can help create a more productive day!

  1. Try neurofeedback treatments

Neurofeedback is a non-invasive, drug-free way to increase your performance, concentration, quality of sleep, and give you more energy. If you’re dragging and you don’t feel like the steps above are helping, trying Neurofeedback for peak performance is the best next step.

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