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Building a strong relationship with your child’s teacher can have a powerful impact on their academic success, but are you wondering exactly how to go about forming that good relationship? When you and your child’s teacher work together and communicate regularly about their hyperactivity and attention issues, it’s easier to help them succeed in school.

“The more freely information flows back and forth between home and school, the better your child will feel about learning.”

You can share information about what’s happening at home and how your child is doing there. Your child’s teacher can fill in information about how things are going at school.

5 Things Parents Need to Discuss With a Child’s Teacher

Communicating well is a key factor for making this relationship work.

It’s best to talk to the teacher before a problem surfaces. Get to know the teacher right away, and fill them in on any special concerns you may have about your child. It can take a new teacher awhile to get to know your child. The information you share will help move this process along.

Not sure what to talk about at first? Review the 5 Things Parents Need to Discuss With a Child’s Teacher for some quick pointers.


  • Create a plan for staying in touch regularly so that you can continue to stay up to date.
  • Show the teacher your willingness to be involved by helping out with school events and projects.
  • Talk about school with your child. Knowing that school and home are working together will help them succeed.
  • Be patient! Keep in mind teachers have lots of students to keep track of. Always approach issues with respect.

Building a good relationship with your child’s teacher is a key step to unleashing your child’s maximum potential.

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